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Considering training to become a driving instructor?

To become a fully qualified instructor will require enthusiasm, dedication and hard work. This combined with finding the right trainer for you will ensure your qualifying success.


There are 3 exams that you will need to take and pass each one within 3 attempts. You will have 2 years to take and pass all 3 exams from the date you pass the first exam - this being Part1.


You can pass all 3 exams in 3  months, depending on the dvsa availability and if you trained on a full-time basis. Otherwise it can take between 6 - 12 months if you plan to train on a part-time basis between your current job.


The 3 stages of qualifying are:

Training Programme

Training provided by our team of experts

Part 1: Theory Test

The theory test is part one of your driving instructor training course and aims to question your knowledge at a higher level of a learner driver, meaning it is essential to revise and prepare as much as possible. The test consists of a Hazard Perception section and a selection of multiple choice questions. Both parts of the exam must be passed in order to receive overall completion in which you must receive 57/75 on the Hazard perception section and 85% on the multiple choice questions. However, the multiple choice questions are divided into 4 separate sections:

• Road procedure traffic signs and signals

• Car control

• Pedestrians and mechanical knowledge

• Driving test, disabilities and the law, publications and instructional techniques.

You must receive a minimum mark of 80% which totals to 20/25 correct answers on each section to pass. This means you could exceed an overall pass of 85% but still fail if you did not receive at least 20% on each topic.

Part 2: Driving Ability

The ADI Part two Ability to Drive test lasts for approximately 60 minutes and consists of 2 sections that must both be passed in the same attempt. The test assesses if your competency level of driving is high and confident. You have 3 chances to pass the Part 2 Ability to Drive Test.

Part 3: Teaching Ability

The Part 3 – Ability to Teach test to become a driving instructor is considered to be the hardest test.

IYou will need to havepass Part 1 and 2 tests to go unto Part 3, so there is no reason why you cannot pass the Part 3 as long as you receive the right training. That’s why the DVSA only allow three attempts on each test – to ensure the standard of the PDIs getting through to the final stage are high. Unlike the learners test, which you can learn by failure, you get just three attempts on your Part 3, so you should only use them wisely and when you are ready.

The Test

The test slot you will be given is 1 hour long.
You should know the area you are taking your Part 3 in well, as you will need to demonstrate good lesson planning and score at least 7 marks on the Risk Management section of the test.
You will be expected to provide your own pupil for the day of the test. Your chosen test centre will not provide a pupil for you, nor will the examiner do role play for you like the old Part 3 – PST format Pre-December 23rd 2017.
From 23rd December 2017, the PST style Part 3 test will be discontinued and the new Part 3 standards check will be tested.



£30 per hour is our standard charge

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